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• 8/21/2016

High school of the Dawn

So the cast of Modern Dawn are dropped into high school as hormonal teenagers ranging from 14-18, Freshman to Senior, with no recollection of each other. They still have their powers and such.

How to Join

Character Name and Page:
Updated Age:
Grade: (Freshman/9th, Sophomore/10th, Junior/11th, Senior/12th)
Social Rank: (Optional, Jock/cheerleader/ext.)
Updated Height/Weight/Personality:

Students Enrolled

Character Name and Page | Updated Age | Grade | Social Rank | Updated Height/Weight/Personality
Zarius Puryu | 16 | Sophomore | N/A | 5'6", 105lbs, Skiddish, blushy, squirmish around crowds, ecstatic about baking, too honest for own good, Doesn't try to hide his sexuality at all, wears a different colored contact every day in at least one eye.
Azazel Seraph | 15 | Junior | Nerd(?) | 5'8", 130 lb.
Empyr Aberran | 17 | Senior | Bully | 5'9", 145 lb.
Jaxson | 16 | Junior | None | 5'11", 140lb Easy to befriend, easy to turn into an enemy.
Luca | 14 | Freshman | None | 4' 11", 85 lb. Adopted.
Ann Eau | Age: 14 | Freshman/9th | N/A | N/A
Ella Soleil | 17 | Senior/12th | N/A | N/A
Zeus | 14 | Freshman/9th | N/A | N/A
Ridite | 16 | Junior/11th | N/A | N/A
Liam Diable-Ange | 18 | Senior | EXTREME BULLY | N/A
Amberley Autumn | 14 | Freshman | Shy little new kid | N/A
Hunter Loup | 16 | Junior | nerdy kid | N/A
Alexis 'Sparks' Grace | 18 | Senior | Prep | 5'8 125lbs | Sweet, but can be spunky at times. She's sarcastic, competitive, has a good sense of humor, but has a short temper, and that's when her demon side shows. She wears high-waisted shorts and minty colors.
Zoran Serkin | 17 | Senior | Jock | 6'0, 146lb, Cold, sarcastic, Nonchalant, caring once he gets to know you better, introverted, quiet,
Chris Alderman | 17 | Junior | 'Bad guy' | 5'9, 140lb, has different personalities, is usually blank and quiet.
Tierus Kendall | 16 | Freshman | Nerd | 5'7, 135lb, shy, nice, funny, cheerful, socially awkward, caring, quiet

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• 8/29/2016

Zarius nodded quickly, "I-it's er because I sorta er fed on s-some random fr-freshman to-today and i-i'm st-starting to bui-build up cra-cravings again." He slowly pulled the stick of concealer from his pocket applying it to the bruise until the bruise was gone and returned his atttention to Tierus with a soft smile attempting to ease his concern.

• 8/29/2016

Tierus frowned lightly as he saw the bruise, deciding not to talk about it as his eyes clouded slightly, lost in thought as he forced a smile, closing his eyes and nodding softly, "Oh, I see."

• 8/29/2016

>//< nuuuuu

He sent the message, blushing madly, despite having an embarassed smile on his face.

• 8/29/2016


He smiled softly, glancing at his phone with his eyes half lidded, forgetting about his burning throat as he closed his eyes for a moment.

• 8/29/2016


He sent the message, the tips of his ears a bright red. Although he had a wide smile on his face.

• 8/29/2016

Liam suddenly went up to Hunter in the hall as he made his way to lunch, "Listen to me, you're gonna flirt and try and make that guy-" he pointed at Zari "-fall for you" he commanded. Hunter gave an angry look at him, "You left me! Why should I do anything for you?" asked Hunter with tears slightly filling his eyes. "Listen if you succeed I promise I'll let you go and owe you a favor" Hunter seemed to concider this. "Fine" Hunter said and took off his glasses. Hunter looked a lot less nerdy and more like those buff popular guys without the glasses. Hunter went over to Zarius,  smiling. "Hey mind if I sit here? I just wanted to ask if I can have a piece,-" he pointed at the cheesecake "- it looks really good and I forgot my lunch" he said lookng at the cake with hunger.

• 8/29/2016

Zarius nodded sheepishly, before blinking at Hunter, "O-oh, uh s-sure, help y-yourself." He mumbled keeping his gaze anywhere but Hunter, "O-oh and nex-next time if y-you're tr-trapped in a da-dang supply c-closet pl-please don't y-yell that l-loud. It h-h-hurts." He rubbed his ears for emphasis before yawning.

• 8/29/2016

Hunter blushed as he said that, "Sorry some of my friends locked me in there to have a laugh" he said, sliccing and giving himself a piece, taking a bite closing his eyes and giving a soft 'mmmmm' "Wow this is really good~" he said and started eating a little bit faster before looking at Zarius, "Random question, What's your favorite animal?" he asked.

• 8/29/2016

Tierus looked away from the two, his gaze fixed on his hands as he frowned lightly, keeping his mouth shut as his hair fell over his eyes, partially covering them.

don't deny it cute one~

He laughed lightly, looking at the phone with a soft smile on his face, gently placing it on the desk and throwing the blood stained blanket away, grabbing his phone and laying back on the bed.

• 8/29/2016

Zarius blinked, glancing at Tierus, before replying to Hunter. "Well I'd say dogs but that'd be a bit self centered." He snorted gently before a grin snuck up on his features, "I'd have to say my all time favorite so far are cats." He stabbed a piece of cheesecake with his fork and hummed softly as he chewed on it.

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