Akane is a female ghoul around the height of 5'5 weighing 110 pounds. She has black hair tipped with red and natural crimson eyes. Her mask is a butterfly rests on her right eye, the outer rim is filled with black and the patterns are a deep red. Akane's kagune is a bikaku with a black and white pattern.


Akane is a fairly shy 20 year old girl. She has a fear of humans and often hides when someone approaches her. She loves anything that treats her like family so she enjoys hanging out with cats and dogs and that's when she's screamed at to get off of someone's territory.


Akane ran away when she was 10 fearing she would be caught by doves because she was in an over populated area with them. Her parents told her to stay but she ran from them. She found herself in a fairly calm area. She sat down in an alley way seeing a dead person on the ground next to another human. She killed it devouring both of them before getting screamed at. She felt a shiver run up her spine running as fast as she could away, at this moment she has found an Alley to call her own but allows others to eat there.