Melanie Martinez - Pity Party (Official Video)

Melanie Martinez - Pity Party (Official Video)


A 5'7" male with pale hazel eyes and sloppy white hair. He wears a large, thick jacket at all times, graphic t-shirts, and skinny jeans that are baggy on him because of how skinny he is. They are almost always held up by a belt, and he wears thick boots that tend to clomp when he is corporeal.


He is cynical and cold, pointing out other's flaws and giving little care to whether their feelings can handle it. He has a dirty mouth, and an Australian accent. He doesn't believe that 'love surpasses all things' and beliefs such as that, looking down on and insulting those who do. He is easily annoyed, although he can only physically effect them if he is corporeal.


Alastor died when he was 19, although he never really left the physical world. He was murdured by his brother, and since then he has been cruel and pessimistic. He had been forcefully betrothed to the woman he was enamored with, and so, in spite, he first began trying to ruin the engagement. Because those plans failed, he then resorted to injuring Alastor in an attempt to get him to back off from the marriage. He had no choice in whether or not he would marry the woman, and so the harassment continued until Alastor's brother finally set on murder. It was about a week before the wedding was set to take place, in the attic of their large home. He was stabbed numerous times in the abdomen and the head, and his brother was never caught for the crime. |nuetral= N/A