Nightcore - Stitches (Female Version)

Nightcore - Stitches (Female Version)

Physical Description

She's 19, about 5'0 feet, about 120lbs with caramel colored hair that's up to the bottom of her 'chest' with bangs and icy blue eyes that sometimes turn into a striking green with high cheek bones. She's very skinny and pale. She usually wear some sleeve-less shirt with some shorts with a jacket wrapped around her waist and black long combat boots.

Griffin Description

Owl griffin color design by robthedoodler-d4tc3po

She can only shift into one animal, a barn owl griffin. It has the body of a snow leopard and head and wings of a barn owl


She's sweet and kind but at times can be as evil as the devil, sometimes sluttish


When she was young her shapeshifter parents died in a fire. She was taken in as an orphan. When she grew up a little a unmarried woman adopted her, she had a son who was very kind with her. However when she began growing more she realized why the boy was so depressed and why she was adopted. She had only been a tool to help make the boy normal. She learned he was a half demon and that his mother beat him. Yet he showed he impossible things, he would shift into a animals, extinct, mystical, rare, and real. When he'd had a wing animal he would sometimes take on rides, in one of those she fell off him, but she was flying. Turned out her father shifted into a leopard while he mother into a barn owl, making her a griffon shapeshifter. When she told mother however she was not happy. She beat her that night.

Then she threw them out on the streets 'like the animals they were' mother had said. However with both of their powers they were able to survive. Her brother was already going through so much, trying to suicide himself, and cutting himself, everytime stopping him and giving him a shoulder to cry on, she decided he shouldn't need to worry about money. She was r*ped in highschool and quickly made it habbit over hers, selling her body in the club as a stripper. Earning them both money. Yet when she was finally sick of it she left with her brother to another place. Where she currently spends all the drama in her life.