Son of Sura Ukiuk and Qilaq Ukiuk


Human Appearing Age: 20

Biological Age: 64


As a human, Anyu has medium length steel blue hair that normally falls in front of his face. He retains his eyes from his feline form, emerald green with cat's pupils. He doesn't normally use that form, only for special occasions or if he needs to. Because of that, he's always seen wearing the same clothes: A white button-up and a fur lined dark grey coat, with skinny jeans and brown hiking boots.

As a feline, Anyu is a cougar-sized russian blue. He normally is a very thin cat, evidence of his life on the streets. Unless someone gives this form a bath, he walks around covered in filth, and has learned to mostly ignore it. He has a steel-blue outer coat and a light grey downy coat.


Anyu is normally very outgoing and extroverted- unless you startle or sneak up on him. Whenever something good happens to him, he always tells himself it's just temporary, this won't be good forever. He likes to call people 'chitlins.' He doesn't like developing attachments, seeing them as something that will just hurt him later. You could say he is afraid of loosing the people that are important to him, so once he feels a connection starting to form he walls himself off unless someone gives him a serious talk.


<Since Anyu was young, he was raised on stories of shape-shifters and eternal beings. His people were afraid of them, thinking that it would just bring his tribe suffering and pain. Anyu went out hunting with his father one day, when they encountered one of the shape-shifters. Anyu, being a naive fourteen year old, went up to it when his father wasn't looking, hoping to interact kindly with it.

Unfortunately, the shifter wasn't thinking the same thing. It bit him, which caused Anyu to reel back in surprise and pain. He returned to his home with his father, and thought nothing of the bite, believing the shifter was a normal cat that lived in the snowy region.

It wasn't until the first full moon after the bite that things took a turn for the worst. 'Get it out! Make it stop! Make it stop! No!' Anyu lay contorted on the ground, screaming in pain as his features morphed for the first time. His mother stood nearby, looking on in horror as her son became something she saw as a monster. Mom! It's still me! He cried out mentally, just to be rewarded with her shaking her head and running from the room.

He lay there panting on the ground, his feline form fully morphed as a part of him, clothes discarded to the side. His father came in some time later, and began screaming at the boy who was beginning to turn human again. He sat there shivering, naked, vulnerable as his father raised a hand and slapped him across his face. He looked at his mother for help, but she did nothing and just looked away from him.

His father dragged him out into the harsh wintery landscape by his hair, throwing him into the town hall and calling a meeting. There.... The tribe did things to him that were unforgettable. Their beliefs being that the horrific, unspeakable acts would 'cure him of the evil spirit' or 'take it out of him.'

Once that was said and done, he was taken back to his home, where he packed his things, took his talisman, and left. He has been wandering ever since.