Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day Lyrics-1

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day Lyrics-1

Aria is a short female with ginger hair that ends just below her shoulders. Her eyes are a bright green, with little flecks of blue and gold near the pupil. There are little black streaks in the iris that make it look like her eyes are cracked, or broken. Her skin tone is a pale color. She usually wears dark or white T-shirts with dark sweatpants or jeans, with either black converse or nothing. She has three piercings on her left ear, two on her right, and one silver nose stud on the right side of her nose. She wears classic black glasses and three bracelets. Her birthday is October 27th, and she's currently 18 years old. She's 5"1 and weighs 120 pounds. Obviously, she's skinny, and most of the weight is from muscle.


Aria's sarcastic and loves humor. She pretends to be a funny redhead with lots of spirit, but on the inside, she's dark and lonely. She ran from her family when she was about 8, because she believed that she hurt them. She doesn't have many friends, since she's scared of herself. However, if you do manage to become her friend, she'll trust and protect you like a dog would guard it's owner. Whatever you do, though, never betray her.

Aria, like her cousin, likes to be separated from humans whenever she can. She has the ability to speak any language she hears, even if she hears it for the first time. She suspects that this comes from her late mother, Maria. Her father found out about this once, and her brothers overheard him scolding her about speaking to the rodents in the house. This is what started the teasing from Alex and Tyler. It seems like a lot of her humor comes from her ability. Every time she speaks to an animal, she starts laughing afterwards, because she knows she's different and amazing. Plus, most of the time, she gains a new animal friend as well.


Aria grew up in a house with her two older brothers and father. Her mother had died soon after she was born, from an illness she'd caught when she was pregnant. Her brothers liked to tease her, but she always ignored them. One day, however, her eldest brother took the teasing too far and Aria ended up hurting him and her father. Afterwards, she ran away from home and hasn't seen them since. To ensure that her family won't find her, she's changed her last name to "Wolfshade". Now, she's living a dream and exploring the world, though she's still haunted by her family in her reoccurring nightmares.


Parents - Terrance and Maria Auston

Siblings - Tyler, 19 yr old brother, & Alexander, 14 yr old brother.

Aunts and Uncles - Uncle Thomas and Aunt Ella(Mother's side.)

Cousins - Axel, Autumn, Dapple, Jade, Dylan, and Lavender.