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Mortal: Eighteen
True: Twenty-Three

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African Wild Dog Lycanthrope

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Police Officer/Beta of the Winding Weaver's Pack

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Human: Austin is a tall 6'2" 210lb Male with thick, messy tri-color (Blonde/Black/White) hair that tufts out of his head. The center near his scalp is blond, then towards the middle is a ring of black and the tips are white. He has bright amber eyes and wears silver spider bites and a dog-tag necklace. His formal wear is his standard black police uniform. He normally wears a black t-shirt and a dark red flannel shirt over it, black jeans with chains on the right pocket and red high top converses for his informal wear.

Wolf: Austin's wolf stands at 3 feet tall and weighs 68lbs. It has piercing amber eyes and a base coat of a sunkissed cream with overlayed spots of black, grey, senna, white, and light cream. His form has large radar dish-like ears and paws. His tail has a feathered white tip that he uses for signals and distractions. He has deep pink paw pads and tongue with a solid black nose.

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Austin is a loud mouthed, hot headed, sadistic male. He hates having to give up on what he desires and loves a good challenge/chase. He tends to be snappy, wanting to display his dominance and power when in a pack-like structure. He's very possessive but behind closed doors he can attempt to be caring and loves to wrap his arms around his prize to show his love. He used his stamina and wit to rise through the ranks of his pack, the Winding Weaver's pack, which currently holds reign over Caleb and the city. He's very dangerous, his instinctive nature being to maul and eat without mercy or caring if the prey's heart is still beating causes fighting back against his wrath to prove fruitless and fatal. He seems to have his eyes on a certain ginger runt as well.

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To Be Writte

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