Axel is a very tall, regular young adult. He has a light tan, and his hair is a bright red color with black tips that stops just past his ears. It's got this disheveled look that never seems to leave, no matter how many times he tries to make it

FUN Some Nights Lyrics

FUN Some Nights Lyrics

Theme-Some Nights(By Fun.)

look neat. His eyes are a pretty teal color with grey rings around the pupil and the edge of the iris. He usually wears white t-shirts with blue jeans and never has any shoes on. He has one lobe piercing on both ears. His birthday is November 2nd, and he's currently 28 years old. He's 6'3, and weighs 199 pounds, which is basically muscle and bone.


Axel is a hilarious, flirtatious person. He's usually only sarcastic when he's worried, which isn't often. Basically, he's the exact opposite of his younger sister, Lavender. He makes friends easily, and loves to meet new people. If you have a

pet with you though, that's all he'll see. He absolutely adores animals. Strangely enough, he's the only person in his family left alive without any magic whatsoever. He doesn't mind though. "Sometimes being normal is cool, because normal is unique," he always says. He'll be your best friend, or even your boyfriend, if you actually would take it that far. He only has one rule: Never hurt his sister.


Like Lavender, he won't share much of his past. All he says is the exact same thing that she says:

He had a bunch of siblings, and something that had to do with him and Lavender ended up destroying their entire family. After that, the two of them ran off to somewhere they thought they were safe. His only other surviving sister came after Lavender and tried to kidnap her. Both of them escaped the "safe place" a year after they had been there, and they both ran off to London together.


Parents- Ella Stone and Thomas Nightingale.

Siblings- Lavender(Only living sibling.), Dylan, Autumn, Dapple, and Jade.

Aunts & Uncles- Maria and Terrance Auston.

Cousins- Aria Wolfshade, Alex and Tyler Auston.