A thin, blue haired boy with light blue eyes fading into a faint lavender. He has small hands and a short nose, with a piercing on the right side of his nose. Often seen wearing a button up or simple-colored t-shirt and black skinny or super skinny jeans.


Azazel is very happy-go-lucky, and isn't bothered by that many things. But if he does, he pouts and becomes quite childish. He cares deeply for those close to him, and makes friends easily. He has a contagioius personality that normally leads to others being in a happy mood as well. Despite this excitable, out-going exterior.. Azazel suffers from bipolar depressive disorder, and normally lacks emotions when he goes about his daily life. He self-harms quite frequently, which he has recently been caught doing.


Azazel was once enslaved in a human brothel, where he was forced into prostitution. He was luckily released during a raid, in which he managed to escape back to Heaven. However, he was deemed too 'corrupted' to remain in a high standing there. He decided to loose his wings and rejoin the mortal world to escape the constant teasing and discrimination that he faced. Doing so lost him his wings, which resulted in two diagonal scars on each shoulder blade, with a hint of silver. Since he left, he has become a semi-accomplished author, known under the alias 'Erin Tragedy.' He doesn't use his real name when writing his book to avoid unwanted publicity.