Deadmau5 - Sofi Needs a Ladder

Deadmau5 - Sofi Needs a Ladder

Azriel's Theme

Outward Appearance

A silver-eyed male with blondish-grey hair that falls over his face. He wears a plain collared shirt and bandages around each of his hands. His clothes tend to be torn or completely ripped, and he wears black skinny jeans.

Wolf Appearance:



While Azriel isn't necessarily the most attentive individual, he is kind and will do anything for those he bonds with. He has taken many positions as a guardian angel, which is partially why he thinks and acts like this. He is also blind, possibly to represent 'see no evil.' He can control certain kinds of animals, and often takes on his spiritual form, large, misty white wolf-like figure. He does this more when he is watching out for someone, and when he is a guardian angel. Other times, he does it so that he does not need to engage in conversation. He is calm, and prefers to see two sides of a story before making a decision that can harm an individual.


Since the beginning of his celestial life, Azriel has gone without conventional eyesight. He didn't realize he viewed things differently until he had a conversation about what he could see. The person he was speaking to was shocked at what he did see: auras and energy. Since then, Azriel quickly made his way up the pecking order of angels. He now resides as a guardian angel, one of the highest, but not necessarily most influential, roles. During his residency in heaven, he met Korbin. While neither of them have outright said how they might or the circumstances of their friendship, they have been extremely close. It is rumored that Azriel weeped the night Korbin lost his wings, although this has been uncomfirmed.

Before and after this, Azriel maintained his duties as guardian angel for hundreds, if not thousands of years. He is highly respected among other angels, though he lacks proper etiquette for speaking to his peers after living over half of his light in his spirit form (see image above). He was in this form when he encountered Korbin on Earth, both of them immediately recognizing each other though neither had an adverse reaction.