Blaze 2

Physical Description

Doesn't really have a specific one but

Original Female self: Long blonde hair to hips, milky, light green eyes. Blind. With pale skin.

Original Male self: Hair up a little lower then his ears, milky, light green eyes. Blind. With pale skin. Usually wearing a beanie.


They are very mysterious, doesn't talk a lot. Believes deeply that all creature should be together in peace. Once you get close to them, they will guard you fiercer then a mother bear with her cub due to having guardian angel blood. If you do get close to them they'll start acting more 'natural' around you and start showing their original forms more often around you.


They're blind and not blind. Like color blind, all they see is shapes in shades of grey. Like a game without any texture pack.

List of type of blood they have, top is the most of that blood to the least.

Druid: They have tattoos scattered across their body that glow when they use their powers, however they don't have any warding tattoos due to the different types of bloods.

Shapeshifting Demon: They can turn into anything as long at it doesn't go as smaller then a rat. For animals, for each species they can only turn into one. They do not however carry the burden of a demon soul. Example: They turn into a dog, they can only turn into a german shepard husky mix, and not any other breed.

Human: They have a consious of a human

Guardian Angel: They protect you extraordinarily fiercely, they however have not been to heaven or have wings but know a lot.