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Mortal: Seventeen
True: Twenty

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Learning how to be a werewolf/High school Student.

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Human: Caleb Botolf is 5'2" weighing at 86 lbs with messy ginger hair falling to his shoulders and large milk chocolate brown eyes. His formal attire is a nice black dress shirt, forest green tie, nice black dress pants, and his black converses. He always has on his black and neon green woven leather bracelet no matter the occasion but will pair a watch with his formal attire if necessary. His casual attire is a black long sleeve graphic t-shirt, usually with a band on it, dark black denim jeans, black converses, and an unzipped gray jacket.

Wolf: He's a tall, long limbed, chestnut colored Ethiopian Wolf with a long, bushy tail and white lesser half-mask, thin white "arrow" on the lower portion of his neck and two large white chest spots on either side of his breast connected by a thick strip of white. He has a light dusting of white on his underbelly and white covering the underside of his tail and rump. His tail is half-white with a dark russet line down the middle fanning out to a fading black tip. His wolf form stands at 3'1" Weighing a mere 20 lbs, less than an average female of his species.

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Caleb is a rather shy individual, he flinches or shies away from physical contact and refuses to meet eyes with anyone unless commanded. He could ramble on for hours to himself on how unfair his studies are or how ruthless it is being a loner; most of his wolf species had banded together, but him being a late-born runt had him shunned from the small pack. He has a soft stutter that's only truly noticeable when he's nervous or scared. He tends to trip and bloody his nose a lot, so much that he isn't even phased when he tastes the blood in his own mouth, he normally shrugs it off and lets it bleed itself out as he continues his standard routine.

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Asexual Pan-romantic

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Caleb was born in Ireland, his family, while it was still complete of course, moved to a small town in Wisconsin first. They lived there for roughly a year. Caleb was seven when they had moved, there he'd experienced the first bad thing in his life. In Ireland it had been a small town, even smaller than the one he'd moved to, and everyone had known each other. There were friendly fights, but nothing too bad, and the werewolves there had been open and kind, everyone knew who they were and they didn't care or worry too much. The one, growing concern, and the reason they'd left Ireland, was when the humans started getting sick, the werewolves started becoming anxious, some even forcing remaining humans to join their ranks.
Caleb's father had been a victim to the unknown disease once they reached the town. He hadn't survived. His mother was normal, she had always been silent and reserved, but even seven year old Caleb could tell his mother was depressed. He and his mother had lived together in that small town in peace, until his mother decided to move them, saying that the town had too many 'good things' that reminded her of their loss. Caleb was forced to part with the beloved dog he'd grown attached too, but he didn't cry.
His mother didn't like crying so he didn't, he held them in. After their move Caleb was eight years old, they'd moved to Chicago, his mother had obtained a job as a retail worker and Caleb would sit patiently in the employee break room. Caleb didn't like the other employees, they'd always poke fun at him and call him a carrot because he had bright red hair unlike his mother's blonde hair. He ignored them and continued playing with his hands. One day one of the employees had walked up to him and picked him up, this had sent Caleb into a fit, snapping him from his daze he screamed bloody murder.
The spooked the employee badly, causing them to drop Caleb immediately and cover their ears. Caleb's head collided with the ground and he curled up on the floor, whimpering, holding his head, shutting his eyes tightly as his vision blackened and blurred. Once he felt a little better the employee picked him up again, clamping their hand over his mouth so he couldn't scream and hissed in his ear.
"Do something like that again runt, and I'll eat you." Only then, as the employee had pulled back their lips, did he realize that they were a vampire. His eyes widened and he stopped struggling in the employee's grip, whimpering softly from beneath the hand. The employee nodded at his compliance as dropped him as his mother entered. Caleb was trembling softly and as soon as the employee left he ran and hugged his mother's legs, crying softly. He blubbered something about vampires and his mother laughed softly.
"No baby, only werewolves exist, vampires are made up to keep the wolves away." She told him, ruffling his hair and hugged him.
"Now don't cry my child, you have to be a big man for your mummy." She'd comfort him and he'd nod, wiping his eyes immediately, stifling any future sobs that might arrive. When Caleb was ten his mother had found this small 'happy medicine' as she called it, it's true name was cocaine. She told Caleb it was only for her and that it made her feel better and she felt happy. Caleb had nodded along to her words, only feeling the true blow of the drugs when his mother became addicted, even losing her job for it. WIP

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