Zarius Puryu Demon|Demon|Angel MD, HS AU, SHunters.

Hunter Loup Demon|Demon|Shadowhunter MD, HS AU, SHunters.

Astrid Henderson Human MD.

Zoran Serkin Demon|Demon MD, HS AU.

Azazel Seraph Fallen Angel|Fallen Angel MD, HS AU.

Chris Alderman Demon|Demon MD, HS AU.

Zackary Demon SHunters.

Gin Allinger Human MD.

Tobias Diable-Ange Avian-Demon|Avian-Demon MD, HS AU.

Kendall Aigner Shinigami MD.

Azriel Angel MD.

Korbin Weinrot Fallen Angel MD.

Alois Blumenthal Human MD.

Xalar Regnbage Witch SHunters.

Jason Ravenwind Nephilim SHunters.

Licht Weinrot Fallen Angel|Fallen Angel MD, HS AU.

Tierus Kendall Shape-shifter|Shape-shifter MD, HS AU.

Amberley Autumn Shape-shifter|Shape-shifter MD, HS AU.

Liam Diable-Ange Demon|Demon|Demon MD, HS AU, SHunters.

Damion Snake-shifter|Snake-shifter MD, HS AU.

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