Appearance === Chase is around 6'1 weighing only 145 pounds, he's rather strong yet he rarely eats, he often wears sweatshirts or the normal everday skinny jean outift. And has blonde hair and bright cyan eyes. He also has a large scar running around his neck. He has a piercing on his lip and tongue and has a large tattoo of fire found on his back.


Chase cares about everyone and everything, he always will be there to stick up for his friends and protect them. Chase hates people who are stuck up and only care for themselves, he also is kinda pervy and seductive at times, so don't come to his house showing a lot of skin..( I don't think you were going to anyways but eh )

Back Story

Chase had a normal life basically, two loving parents, one older sister, good paying job, standard house, something everyone wants. But when a hurricane came in killing the rest of his family he gave up, he was trapped under a large pile of wood and couldn't move, for some reason he became a demon, he wasn't too sure if it was because he chose to sit there and die, or because they were running low on," Staff " and that's where Chase was lead today.