Chris is a tall male, standing at the weight of 6'6 and 175 lb, he has medium lenght black hair and a white skin, his eyes are a deep red tone and he has some piercings.

He wears dark clothes most of the time.


Chris has multiple personalities, he likes to call them 'masks'. Each mask is different, he is able to pick one of those masks and 'wear' it, his real personality is rarely seen, being a nonchalant, plain and boring one, he 'lost' his personality as time went by, that's why he has masks. (Explained in backstory.)




-Chris can choose which mask he wants to wear, he has a bunch of them.

-When Chris has each mask on, his eyes change to a certain color. (colors will be revealed as his masks show up in the roleplay.)

-Chris has mental powers, he can travel into people's memories (something like the cinematic record of a shinigami) and manipulate them the way he wants, he can add, modify of delete any memory he wants.

-If Chris uses his mental powers constantly, his ability becomes useless for an hour and the people's memories go back to normal for this time.

-Chris has a terrible fear of people forgetting, avoiding, ignoring, or hating him, he uses his masks for people to like him and if this doesn't work, he manipulates their memories to make them like him.