Ella has long, ragged, matted, black hair that reaches slightly past her shoulder blades along with bright purple eyes. She's usually found wearing a worn hoodie and ripped shorts, she looks like this over the fact she's homeless and can't and won't steal from others. She eats once every three days leading to her being around 85 pounds at the height of 5'3.She's usually covered in bruises and scratches, read bellow to find out.


She's mainly just like Ann due to some of her soul being pasted down to her, although there are a few minor additions. Firstly, she isn't a people person unlike Ann who was. She often scoffs at anyone who passes by and rolls her eyes. Another negative trait is over the fact she's care free and reckless, she often does many dumb stunts knowing she will get hurt but just does it for the fun of it.


Ella isn't the person to stay, out of fear she often runs away. ( run forest run! ) Due to this factor she ditched her family and settled in an empty alleyway near a strip club. After a long while she ran away from that area soon settling for the last time in a different alleyway about a few blocks away from the area.