Standing at the height of 6'8 and 175 lb, he has clear white/silver hair that is usually well groomed a small portion of his hair is a dark gray tone, he has semi-long bangs that sometimes cover his eyes.

He has deep red eyes, his pupils are slits, pretty similar to a snake's eye.

He has pale white skin and some piercings, he likes to wear suits and hats, along with gloves and sometimes painting his nails black.

He has a snake, his companion, or the way he likes to call him, "Shanley"


He is quite energetic, he loves teasing people and scaring them away with his 'unique talents', he enjoys performing in the streets.

He used to be part of a circus, enjoying attention and people around him.

He can be quite manipulative at times, getting what he wants. He is also sadistic and psycothic, but he rarely shows this side of him.


He was part of a circus in a small, abandoned town, no one came to their show, causing the circus to slowly fall apart.

He ended up in the streets, only Shanley followed him, he took care of the snake, which is currently, his pet and companion.

Gin enjoys performing in the streets, mostly at night, doing all kinds of illusionist tricks, whenever he can he hunts people down, one of his hidden sides; he is a serial killer, known under the nickname "Schlange"