Nightcore - ECHO (Gumi) Male Version

Nightcore - ECHO (Gumi) Male Version


Jaxson has thick, slightly wavy white hair and topaz eyes. He has pale, neutral-toned skin and wears clothes that tend to be more monochrome, but he has been known to wear faded colors. This is mainly due to a problem with his eyesight, where he sees no colors and the world is in black, white, and all the shades in between. He wears skinny jeans and heavy-duty combat boots,


When you speak with him, you don't know which one you're talking to; the compassionate, kind Jaxson, or the corrupt, malevolent, and sadistic Jaxson. He suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, which sometimes manifests itself as Manic Depressive (Bipolar) Disorder. He is mainly this unstable due to his conflicting nature, being half demon and half human. Because of his demon heritage, he has developed powers which he calls 'Beartrap,' which give him the ability to inflict any kind of pain on his victims, which has lead to many people being crippled and even killed.


Jax didn't have a great childhood, suffering years of abuse from his mother and aunt creating the hardened, alternate personality that sometimes overpowers the good side of him. He eventually snapped, which resulted in the deaths of his mohter, aunt, and younger sister, before leaving his hometown and heading into the city. He got into street racing quickly in the city, swiftly becoming one of the top racers. Despite the money he has gained, he prefers to live in the more run-down side of town, because there is where he feels at home. Because of his history and aggressive side, he ended up quite lonely, and antagonizes those he encounters to feel less alone.