Simon Curtis - Flesh (lyrics)

Simon Curtis - Flesh (lyrics)


Skin Tone: Semi-pale white.

Eye Colour: Crystalline, icy blue.

Hair Style/Colour: Medium lenght, messy most of the time. A light brown tone.

Piercings: Two black helix piercings on his left ear, Standard black lobe piercing on both ears.

Extra: A tattoo on his lower back that reads, 'Are You A Saint Or A Sinner?'


Kendall is quite sarcastic at times, he loves teasing and messing with people, he enjoys seducing men and fooling them, he is flirty and clever, being able to solve most problems in a short amount of time.

He is submissive, a masochist that loves S&M play, and is always up to BDSM, pretty much it.


-Coffee Addict.




-Can be quite dorky at times.

-Hates his job of being a grim reaper.

-Enjoys arcade games.

-Can be sweet and caring at times.