Lavender is a shapeshifter with pale skin and long, black hair, which currently has green streaks. Her eyes are a fierce

Misery Business lyrics-Paramore

Misery Business lyrics-Paramore

Theme-Misery Business(By Paramore.)

jade that fades to grey as it gets farther from the pupil. She's about 5'8, which is 7 inches taller than her younger cousin, Aria. She almost always wears a black t-shirt with dark shorts, and black converse. She has three black lobe piercings and two silver helix loops. She also wears an obsidian locket and a black choker. Her birthday is March 22, and she's currently 21 years old. She's slender, and weighs 120 pounds, most of which is muscle.


Lavender is extremely sarcastic, and easily annoyed. She's fierce and hostile around new people, and will sometimes jump to conclusions. She does have a pretty good sense of humor, but it's nothing compared to Aria and Axel's. Unlike Aria, she's not scared of herself. She just really despises human beings. Her ability to shapeshift is very strange,

considering most of her family isn't magical. She is unsure who she's inherited this power from. Her ability allows her to be able to understand all animal languages. She can't, however, understand human languages unless she actually takes the time to learn how to speak them. She's currently got a slight british accent from living in London for three years.


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Lavender doesn't share her backstory often, so most of it is unknown. All that she will tell is that she had a bunch of siblings, and something that had to do with her ended up destroying her entire family. After that, her and her only living brother ran off to somewhere they thought they were safe. Her only surviving sister came after her and tried to kidnap her. She escaped the "safe place" a year after her and her brother had been there, and they both ran off to London together.


Parents- Ella Stone and Thomas Nightingale.

Siblings- Axel(Only living sibling.), Dylan, Autumn, Dapple, and Jade.

Aunts & Uncles- Maria and Terrance Auston.

Cousins- Aria Wolfshade, Alex and Tyler Auston.