Licht has different colored eyes, one being a soft lavender and the other a deep yellow. He is a tall blonde male, standing at the height 6'3 of and 160 lb.

He has multiple bandages all over his body, he usually wears casual clothes.


He is nice and sweet once you know him, but he has a deep hatred towards demons, he acts psychotic towards them.

He has constant hallucinations, a strong belief that if he gets rid of demons he will be able to go back to heaven, something that won't happen, he was banned for killing other angels.


Licht was 6 years old when it all started, he was playing hide-and-seek with his younger sister, his older brother and his parents, his mother was "it", the rest of the family began running around, trying to find a good place to hide.

Licht's father went to the kitchen, curling next to the cupboard, his brother ran to his room, hiding inside the closet. His sister crawled to the dining room, getting under the table, Licht walked soundlessly to the living room, hiding next to the couch, his back pressing against the cold wall as he covered his mouth with his hand, trying to contain his childish giggles.

"18...19...20... here I go!" His mother said with a smile, opening her bright lilac eyes, her clear blonde hair seeming to float in the air as she began walking around, trying to find everyone.

She found Licht's father first, giving him a peck to the lips before smiling, walking away to find the others, she crawled on the floor, smiling as she found the little girl hiding under the table, when she was about to go look for Licht and his brother the door opened slowly, the couple turned their heads to the door, frowning lightly and standing up.