Twenty one pilots Fairly Local

Twenty one pilots Fairly Local

Luca's Theme


A short, 4'11" 80 pound male with pale skin, white hair, and golden eyes. He tends to either wear a semi-formal button up shirt with suspenders and a bow tie, or oversized clothes that hang loosely from his body. He has splotchy burn scars across his back, evidence of what happened in his past.


While Luca physically has the body of an eighteen year old, he does not have the mentality of anyone older than eight. He was not always this way, and has brief periods of time where he can complete rational thought and use 'big words.' He enters a state similar to this when he feeds, due to the fact that consuming souls creates a lot of sexual tension that builds up inside of him. He has recently been trying to feed less, because he doesn't like hurting people, and he doesn't 'feel like himself.' (Sexual)


Luca wasn't originally stuck with the mentality of an eight year old. When he was younger, he was [retty smart, and was able to function independently. Because of an encounter with a group of males, he retreated deep into his mind, leaving him the way he is now. He basically created a block on his mind that removed all of those memories, although they were never truly gone considering that the 'old luca' is hidden and locked away in his mind. 'Old Luca' had his own name before the events happened, although the name has been lost with time.