Name: Opal Pétale

Born: October 19th

Age: 10 (true) 0 (mortal)

Sibling(s): Clover Petale

Personality: Opal is a anxious pup which is one of the reasons why she doesn't speak much or at all. She often only talks to her sister, Clover, who is out-going and reckless at times which compliments her goody-four-paws attitude. She is very scared to do anything out of the ordinary or without permission which she makes Clover ask for before she does anything too dumb. She has moderate depression and is often hiding from all of her other packmates other than her sister. However, she is very caring and loves to play in the autumn leaves and winter snow. She doesn't eat much so the lack of food doesn't really impact her.

Physical appearance (Wolf): Opal is a small greenland wolf and not just because she's a pup. She's about 1 and a half feet long and weighs about 15 pounds. She has a fluffy coat in the winter months (of course) and a thin one in the summer months. Opal also has bright amber eyes with flecks of orange surrounding the inner iris.

Physical Appearance (Human): Due to her being a werewolf, she's large in size and matures faster. She has messy medium length hair ( reaches down to her chest ) and goldeneyes. She doesn't know how to shift yet so we won't know what she'll wear until she does. However when she does shift she'll be 2'8" and weigh 20(ish) pounds.