Oriax is a rather quiet male, he often avoids conversations and walks away quickly from the person talking to him. He looks emotionless when he does this but is secretly nervous, in cases when he has to talk to a higher-up, he will keep his mouth shut or either nod or shake his head for answers. If you somehow befriend him he's very emotional and will tell you some deep information about his life and feelings.


Oriax has navy blue hair at the height of 5'5 weighing 130 pounds. He's also around the age of eighteen and doesn't really care about what he wears.


Oriax had a very simple average every day life when he was with his family still enrolled in the sterlings. After awhile he got sick of it, everyone always tried to talk to him and befriend him to the point that he left to join the maleficents. He started out as a janitor then made his way up to a gunner in which he's settled with and takes his job pretty seriously.