Page and Page Editing Rules

  • Please ask to edit a page unless adding a category or fixing grammar mistakes.
  • Pages may contain mild gore, but please add a warning.
  • Pages may not contain any overly sexual content, overly sexual suggestive content will either be removed or asked to have a warning.
  • No Mentions of sexual abuse, self harm or unwilling sex are permitted on any pages.

(Exception to the above rule are character backgrounds/history that may contain vague hints of any of the above.)

  • No pages with homophobic/transphobic/racist/sexist content are allowed.

Consequences for Rule Breaking

Breaking the 1st rule

  • Three warnings
  • 1 day block after third warning
  • Block increases after every warning

Breaking the 2nd rule

  • Three warnings
  • Content removal

Breaking the 3rd-6th rule

  • Two warnings
  • Removal of page(s)
  • 1 week block following two warnings