Nightcore - I'll Sleep when I'm Dead

Nightcore - I'll Sleep when I'm Dead


Radio is a thin, pale-haired male with reddish-orange eyes. He often has red threads strewn across his body, sometimes stitching wrapping around certain areas of his body, which is not needed, having not been injured terribly enough. He wears grey and steel blue colors, wearing a pair of thin-soled leather boots as well, preferring those to other types of shoes.


While Radio definitely isn't malicious, he has major depressive disorder, which causes him to lash out at those near him, although his depression is not the only reason. He is afraid of letting someone close to him, because on the off chance he does go into his crazed mode, he knows the only way those he cares for would be safe is if he never got close to them at all. The stitching and threads on his body are to remind him of what happens when he lets someone close to him, each stitch representing a person he has hurt during his lifetime.


Ever since Radio was little, he had moments where he would 'black out' and wake up strapped to a gurney, his hands bloodied and his mind fogged. Over time, he has come to realize the gravity of those moments and counted each of the victims, creating a stitch on his body for each one. He has grown reclusive, only leaving his hideout when he needs to feed, otherwise he keeps himself locked up down below the city streets in the dank, chilled sewers.