Ridite is rather kind and cares for most anyone, except he has a grudge against demons and finds them scary. Ridite hates anything that's too " cruel " and will often try to squirm or run away. Ridite can be rude at times usually when someone asks," What is a reaper doing here?.." he will roll his eyes and refuse to speak until that person apologizes. Ridite is usually found outside but when he's not at work he'll be in his apartment listening to some music dancing around his room.


Ridite is 5'6 and weighs around 130 pounds, he has blonde hair and yellow eyes and wears a suit and tie when at work ( Well no duh he's a reaper ;-; ). His scythe is a longsword and will often put it away when out of work. When out of work he'll wear black skinny jeans and a normal gray sweatshirt with a random colored shirt under it.


( Is too lazy to do this )