【 N a m e 】

Xalar Regnbage

【 A g e 】

Twenty One

【 S p e c i e s 】


【 G e n d e r 】


【 D e s c r i p t i o n a n d P e r s o n a l i t y】

Xalar Regnbage is a 5'4", 95 pound, twenty one year old ebony haired male witch who's given himself a title of 'Herbalist'. He uses Healing magic along with Necromancy to run his small shop: "Thyme is Running Out", seemingly ominous storefront name for a small cluttered shop that sells herbal remedies and teas. His eyes are a pale blue, compared to ghosts or eyes, he tends to see and be able to speak with the paranormal and see past glamours almost as easy as if they weren't there. He denies anything illegal pinned on him despite being a renowned pickpocket-er, darting in and out of mundane police custody many many times. He loves snakes, owning three that roam around his store 'loose', sometimes scaring customers or alerting him to any 'other worldly' beings entering his shop.

He's incredibly childish, being true to his height some would say. He loves darting around, usually searching for gossip or running from someone he owes money to. He's noted to have seemingly endless stamina and some say his eyes see things normal mundanes can't, marking him as insane or delusional. He loves pick-pocketing anything that moves, and that has money. He's also known for 'illegally' selling magic-grown or magic-infused herbal 'remedies' to fellow mundanes as well as 'illegal' mundane herbs to others.

The small witch's ebony black hair's very noticeable in a crowd as it both stands out against his pale skin, but also has the tips dyed in flashy rainbow colors. He, surprisingly, graduated college with a Master's degree in Herbal Sciences and is labeled as a 'failed genius'. He doesn't seem to use his high I.Q. for anything other than illegal activities or just running and finding routes. His mindset towards any being, whether mundane or downworldly, is neutral unless he's targeted, having little trust in warlocks and any mundane crime stopping forces.

【 S e x u a l i t y 】
Homoromantic Pansexual