Name: Xavier Volkov

Age: 0/0

Gender: Male

Rank: Pup

Subspecies: Dire Wolf Lycanthrope

Themesong: "Don't Mess With Me" by Temposhark

Physical Description:

Human: Xavier is a tall, 6'8" male, with striking silver eyes and long, curly dark chocolate brown hair matched with pale skin. His face is always twisted in a sneer or a smirk, his canines long even for werewolf standards, sometimes peeking out from underneath his lips. He weighs about 135lbs when fully grown. His style is jet black jeans, a studded belt, black leather jacket with a maroon undershirt and black combat boots paired with studded wristbands and a hidden blade gauntlet on his right arm with silver dog tags hanging from his neck. Has Canine bites with two spike studs above his lip and two horseshoe spiked lip rings on his bottom lip.

Wolf: He's a large dark brown dire wolf with thick fur and light grey stripes running along the side of his face, sprinkling across his pelt. His tail is jet black along with his paws and he has no light markings besides the light greyish marks. He stands at 4'9", a few inches below his father's height and weighs 95lbs.

Personality: Xavier is a giant asshole, he's cocky and hates to obey authority, well except for his father's of course. He's always pushing the limits of others, pushing people around, even pups. He'd shove and snap at the small pups if no one was looking. He has a 'his way or the high way' and 'If I like it I take it' mindset.

Other: Bi-sexual

Free line HVD by STAFREE 2014
Xavier 2