Zephis is a pale merman with light peach skin, and his tail has a mottling of black and white scales. He has two dappled fins above his reproductive slit, and his fingers have a thin webbed mesh between them, used for swimming. He has short, russet orange hair that flips backwards in a quiff.


Zephis is a bit shy, although he is a huge flirt once you warm up to him. Sometimes he gets embarassed easily, other times not so much. He doesn't really enjoy being in crowded places, and is quite the introvert. He is sarcastic and humorous, and tends to take a joke easily.


He doesn't really have an exciting history, living a semi-average life. He works at a coffee shop for a living, and has an apartment (which is underwater). As a side job, he preforms shows in a tank at his local strip club. He enjoys it, being able to dance and forget the world around him.