Nightcore - Gasoline Male Version

Nightcore - Gasoline Male Version

Zephyr's Theme


Zephyr is a mid-height male with a messy mop of white hair that lays down across his face. His eyes are always in their ghoulish state due to him being blind, and as such, he doesn't normally walk around the streets during daylight. He wears plain black loose-fitting clothes such as joggers and sweaters, and has numerous geometric tattoos on his back.


Although Zephyr is very distant and seems apathetic, he is quite the opposite. He develops bonds easily, and instead of going through the pain of losing someone, he pushes those he cares for away. He tends to be spiteful and sarcastic, instantly withdrawing if someone he cares for lashes out at him for any reason. Despite his otherwise contained demeanor, once he becomes very hungry, in a life or death situation, or being extremely angered, a switch flips in his mind, which unleashes his kakuja as he goes on a rampage.


Since he was young, most of the people he had taken to left him, or hurt him in some fashion, which resulted in him pushing away people current-day. He was cast out onto the streets at a young age, eating scraps left behind by other ghouls before eventually working for a living at a Ghoul coffee shop, where he was able to get enough money to live on his own. He stlil works there part-time, but he isn't as welcomed there as he used to be due to his tendency towards cannibalism. Despite this, he hunts down and devours ghouls who have been damaging the city, and because of eating them, he has maxed out his hearing, smell, touch, and taste, and has developed a half-kakuja, bikaku. 

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Main Kagune


Kakuja/Secondary Kagune