Zoran is a tall male, standing at the height of 6'5 and 160 lb, Zoran has medium length, messy black hair, his skin is a pale white tone and he has piercing, blue eyes.

He also wears glasses and is most of the time seen with a suit or casual clothes.


Zoran is usually calm and quiet, he is quite cold and ignores everything, but he is also very caring and sweet with those he cares for, he often thinks he is a bother to others and that he should leave them alone, he has breakdowns and stays silent during that time, something that helps him is having a loved one near to comfort him.


Zoran never knew his parents, after he was born he was taken to an orphanage, he stayed most of his time alone, ignoring the other kids that went to play with him, he always had hope, thinking that he would be adopted, but one day he got sick of waiting, seeing how all the kids were adopted and that he was just ignored. Zoran escaped the orphanage, going into the street and getting lost.

He went into an alley, trying to get cover from the pouring rain, then a large group of dogs came and began biting and shoving him away, he was too scared and ran away, this is when his phobia of dogs started, and later became a deep hate for these creatures.

One day Zoran was walking around when he saw a cat, he was afraid that the cat would attack him like the dogs did, but all that happened was that the cat nuzzled against his leg, purring. Zoran started liking cats since that moment, leading to where he is now, a cat lover that is most of the time worried about things he shouldn't even think about.